Down below you can find the procedure for activating a game, bought here at KeenShop. Always have a look at the game description to find out what platform the game is on, so you can use the adequate manual for that platform.


1. Download, install and run STEAM (you must run and activate the game in Steam application, not in the browser)

2. After the game run, create your STEAM account according to instructions on screen, after that go into tab Games, options for product activation on Steam, copy the game bought game key from your KeenShop account

3. After this procedure the game and it's parts is present at Games tab.

Steam Gift

1. Go to this link and login with your personal data or create a new account.
2. Now copy the address from the picture in browser, which is present under your  account at KeenShop.
3. A picture will be shown, where your will have to accept the gift!! IN CASE YOU REFUSE THE GIFT, IT WILL BE NOT POSSIBLE TO ACTIVATE THE GAME!!
4. After accepting the gift, Steam will ask you, what you would like to do with the gift. It is possible to active the gift into the game list (library) or you can store the gift into inventory. Game from inventory can be activated or send to somebody else.
5. To play the game, you need to install a Steam application, login into Steam application. In the application you will be able to find a game library, able to run. Steam must be run using the application, NOT using the browser and login into Steam account. Steam can be downloaded here.

Direct download

Register your own account at webpage of the game publisher. Registered account together with bought game key will help you to download the game from the publisher's webpage and play the game.


1. Download, install and run the installer Uplay
2. After run of the installer, create an account Uplay, using the instruction on screen after the installer run and after this step continue to the tab MY GAMES and option of activating product, where you fill the game licence (cd-key).
3. After point 2 the game is accessible in the tab MY GAMES.


1. For successful activation of game, download and install Origin.
2. Click on "Create account" for new account and login, in the upper right corner click on tab for Origin -> Use product code.
3. After activation go into tab my games, where the product will be present including manual etc.


1. Register and create your Blizzard account
2. After the account creating, click on Add game button.
3. Download the client, install and play.

1. Login or register at
2. After login go into redeem, where you will input bought game key and click CONTINUE. After this the order will be marked as FREE and click on PAY FOR YOUR ORDER NOW.
3. Than your game will be present in your game library, where you can the game download.


1. Download client of OnePlay
2. Create new account (or login with your existing one)
3. Game key activation procedure: "Icon OnePlay (upper left)", click on tab "Tools"-> Activate Game CD key and into field "CDKey/Gift" input your purchased game key - game activated.
4. Game can be found in tab "Play"


1. At webpage DigiTopCD choose "Aktivovat Hru" 
2. Here login using your TOPCD account, otherwise create a new one: click on "Zaregistrovat" and fill your email and password.
3. After login choose from the upper menu "Aktivovat hru", where you will input the game key from your order.
4. After successful activation you will see your game in your list, where you will choose "Stáhnout" for game download, the manual or cover might be also present for download if accessible.
5. After download and install you are free to play.


In case you have bought Xbox subscription:

1. Register and create your account HERE 
2. After login, input your game key into adequate field
3. Points or subscription will be activated

In case you have bought Xbox game:

1. Press "Xbox Guide" button on your controller
2. Go into "Marketplace" tab
3. Choose "Redeem Code", input your key and you are free to play

In case your still don't have Xbox Live account yet, you need to activate one:

1. Press "Xbox Guide" button on your controller
2. Go into "Create Profile" and continue according to guide on screen, after connect to Xbox Live
3. Continue as stated above for game key activation


Manual for activation on PC:

1. Login to your PSN account HERE
2. Choose 'Redeem Prepaid Card' from the menu an main page
3. Copy the purchased code and confirm
4. Value or key content is connected to your account

Detail manual for activation using PlayStation can be found HERE


This product is for players, owning an original CD/DVD of the game, but the game key has ben blocked or stolen. Please consider, the Publisher is not obligated to support direct download of the game from his web pages/servers. Purchased CD key is from original game packing and you will be the first owner of this key. Key might be used for freely downloaded game from internet.