In order to perform a clean installation, or re-install Windows 10 you will need to create an installation media. Before you proceed, make sure that:

- you are connected to internet
- you have a blank USB of minimum 4GB
- your PC functionalities satisfy the selected Windows 10 OS system requirements
- you have a licence key from us

Downloading the software

If you need to download Windows 10 then you can simply download and use our tool to get ISO file where you can simply choose the correct version of the software and get it without any registration - ISO Downloader

How do you install Windows?

1. Use our ISO Downloader tool or download the Media Creation Tool on the official Microsoft website ( and run the application.
2. Plug your USB flash disc into your computer.
3. Create an installation medium by choosing “Create the installation medium for another computer” and selecting your USB flash disc as a new installation medium.
4. Wait for the confirmation that your medium is ready.
5. Plug your USB disc to your computer and follow the installation process.
6. Activate your operating system with the licence key.

1. Internet activation

In case of choosing Internet online activation, you can do it in quick and easy way.

  1. you can open Activation window by doing this: select the Start button, then select Settings Update & security > Activation and click Activate
  2. during the installation, you’ll be asked to enter a product key. After the installation is complete, Windows 10 will automatically be activated online. 

If activation online failed, you can finish the activation with your phone.

2. Activation using our tool

  1. Select the Start button, then select Settings > Update & security > Activation and click Activate and after choose Activation by phone (you will not call anywhere)
  2. Choose your country and click Next
  3. Installation ID will be shown
  4. Go to this page 
  5. Login with email "keengamer" and order number "keengamer".
  6. Take a look at the Installation ID if there is six or seven characters in the first field and choose the correct choice according to this information.
  7. Type down the ID and click Verify. Wait until you receive a Confirmation ID. If the line is busy, try it again in a few minutes or you can try directly phone activation which is described just below. The process is very similar.
  8. After you get the Confirmation ID, click the button Activate Windows and type it down. After that Windows will be activated.

3. Activation by phone

If system Windows won’t activate online, there is always possibility to activate Windows by the automatic telephone system.

  1. select the Start button, then select Settings > Update & security > Activation and click Activate and after choose Activation by phone

  2. choose your country, click Next and Call the phone number

  3. type down the installation ID which will be shown in activation windows by the phone keyboard

  4. wait for the ID key to generate

  5. type down the ID to the fields from A to G and click “activate”

If this activation also failed, it is possible, that you have wrong version of Windows installed on your computer, which is not compatible with your licence (ex. Home instead of Professional).

If the activation was not successful it is possible that you have a different Windows 10 version installed and the correct one for the key. For example Home instead of Professional. Different language version or bit version (32bit vs 64 bit) has no effect on the installation.

If you still have any issues with the installation, please contact us at [email protected]