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Tom Clancys The Division Hazmat gear set

This DLC Includes: The Hazmat Suit, The Hazmat backpack and The POF P416.
  • Publisher Ubisoft
  • Platform PC - UPlay
  • Delivery IN STOCK - delivered in a few minutes
  • Distribution Digital key via email
  • Language English
  • Region Worldwide
  • Item number 2907

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The Hazmat Suit is an orange coverall-style suit, which is worn under a black ballistic vest and other armor. Its in-game effect is that it increases the player's overall resistance to viral contamination when equipped.

The Hazmat backpack is an orange and white backpack which is larger than the basic backpack. It decreases damage done by exotic weapons.

The POF P416 is an assault rifle with a custom skin colored in orange and white, with an orange "hex" pattern overlaid on the white sections of the weapon. Medical tape has been wrapped around the pistol grip and the magazine of the weapon. It is based on the design of an American company, Patriot Ordnance Factory, and is a modified version of the M4 carbine. It is assumed that, like most modern infantry weapons, it will be fully automatic.

This product requires you to have Tom Clancy's The Division activated on your Uplay account in order to play.

PC - UPlay

    1. Download, install and run the installer Uplay.

    2. After run of the installer, create an account Uplay, using the instruction on screen after the installer run and after this step continue to the tab MY GAMES and option of activating product, where you fill the game licence (cd-key).

    3. After point 2 the game is accessible in the tab MY GAMES.

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