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Titanfall 2 + Mass Effect Andromeda Bundle

Enjoy Titanfall 2 and Mass Effect Andromeda with this bundle to be activated on EA's Origin. 
  • Publisher Electronic Arts
  • Platform Windows - Origin
  • Delivery Up to 24 hours delivery (average 2 hours)
  • Distribution Digital key
  • Language English
  • Region Worldwide
  • Item number 4993

$18.08 18.08


Titanfall 2 offers fast-paced action with a number of twists and turns, whether it's a new single-player campaign that brings a unique bond between man and machine, or a richer range of multiplayer modes. The game continues to map new areas of the shooting genre and caters to fans in the form of new titans, expanded pilot skills, and a rich system of adjustments and progress.

Mass Effect: Andromeda takes place in the Andromeda Galaxy. Time-stamped long after the events of the original trilogy. We will play for the human figure, while of course, we will be able to choose the gender. We can also expect a new team of comrades-in-arms, with whom we will be able to establish relationships. So the classic BioWare style. The vehicle from the trailer is, of course, a new and improved Mako, the appearance of which we could see in the past.

Windows - Origin

    1. Download and install the Origin application.

    2. Select "Create Account" when registering a new account or login to an existing account. Next select the "Redeem Product Code" option in the top left corner. Follow the on screen instructions and paste the product code you received from KeenShop account.

    3. After activation the game and manual will be listed in the "My Games" tab.

    If the key is written on more lines, every line is one key and each of them must be typed in separately.

    Video guide how to activate the game can be found HERE.

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