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Metro Last Light Redux - Xbox One

El remake de la segunda parte de la serie Metro. El personaje principal Artyom sigue intentando salvar a la humanidad, ya que tiene la clave de su supervivencia. La historia sigue uno de los finales de la primera parte.
  • Publisher Deep Silver
  • Platform Xbox
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The remake of the second part of the Metro series. The main character Artyom continues to try to save humanity, as he has the key to his survival. The story follows one of the endings of the first part. The game runs on the latest version of the 4A Engine and brings some graphical improvements over the original version.

Above all, however, it contains the complete version of Last Light, including released DLCs. Furthermore, the gameplay of the possibility to continuously monitor watches, inventory, and ammunition is modified, and new animations for fights and movement are also added. There are 2 modes - Survival and Spartan. Survival offers a more horror experience, making the game more difficult overall. Along with this, a remake of the first part of the Metro Redux compilation was published.

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