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Metro Exodus - Xbox One

You and your allies embark on a daring journey east to find a new place to live in the post-apocalyptic Russian environment.
  • Publisher Deep Silver
  • Platform Xbox One
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After the cult classics Metro: 2033 and Metro: Last Light, there is another part of this epic saga, this time called Metro Exodus. You can look forward to a post-apocalyptic shooter from the Russian environment, which will engulf you with a breathtaking atmosphere, intense gameplay and a strong story. From a first-person perspective, you and your allies embark on a daring journey east to find a new place to live. You will travel in an open world dotted with traps and enemies, for a period of time throughout the year - from spring to winter. And the weapons? You have a decent arsenal at your disposal, led by modified pieces.

Discover life

The year is 2036. The country was destroyed by a nuclear war, but in the tunnels under the ruins of the devastated Moscow metro, they survived. Your mission, or the mission of the main character Artyom? Lead a group of people east through post-apocalyptic Russia in order to find a new place to live.

An engaging story.

The game will delight all connoisseurs of exciting stories. It is an epic first-person shooter that combines an adventurous, deadly struggle with the discovery of various secrets, the conduct of reconnaissance, but above all the pursuit of survival. And all in one of the most engaging game worlds ever created. And don't worry - there will be no shortage of traps!

From spring to winter

The plot of the game takes place throughout the year. In the spring, you will fight the bandits operating around the Volga River, in unbearably high summer temperatures, you will face fanatics from the desert, and in November, a threat from "children from the forest" awaits you. The fourth season will then take you into the depths of nuclear winters.

Xbox One

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